Moving Site: Part 2

I’ve been busy transferring content from to this site, only to realize that this version of WordPress (.com) won’t work for my final site.  So I’ve set up another site, and the domain name transfer will take place after all content has been transferred.


That means that all followers of this site (where I had hoped the new site will reside) will need to visit the new site to “follow” via email, Feedly, or Bloglovin’ – after doing so, you’ll receive notifications of posts.


Moving Site: Part 1

I’m moving my site.  Yes, I’m crazy.


I’ve come to dislike my website editor.  A lot.

I’ve always used a WYSIWYG editor for YEARS (I started waaayyyyyy before blogs became “the in thing”).  Because of my time constraints, I find it necessary to move my site at to a blog format.  In doing this, I hope to be able to add content more easily, since I won’t dread loading my WYSIWYG editor, editing (all the while hoping the program doesn’t crash), and then uploading to my host.  I’m somewhat nervous about this because there are some very valid reasons why I’ve kept it a website rather than converting it to a blog.  To name a few:

  • organization
  • ease of finding “like” things
  • time it will take to convert

Regardless of how I feel about it, I do think it’s time to move.  Not sure how long it will take, BUT, the site will remain active until all has been copied over (rewritten, organized, and finalized).

Pray for me.  Really.